'Connected Hum Tum' participant happy with changes at home

Jun 15, 2013, 16:21 IST | IANS

Belly dance instructor and dentist Preeti Kochhar, a contestant on 'Connected Hum Tum', says the show is working wonders for her. Her husband has started placing his towel at the right place ever since he has come to know that his habit of flinging the towel irked her

The show is about women and their woes, told through stories of six women. Preeti is one of them.

'Connected Hum Tum'
Abhay Deol hosts 'Connected Hum Tum'

In one of the recent episodes of the show, she complained how her husband invariably flings the towel around on the bed after bathing. She had to go around picking it up every time. But ever since she has shared her woes on the show, she has witnessed a positive change at home.

"It was a delightful surprise for me when my husband actually started making a conscious effort to park his towel in the right place after his bath on seeing that episode. He's been religiously doing so lately," Preeti said in a statement.

She juggles being a mother and wife, and giving time to her profession and her passion for dance -- and is also happy that her husband has been spending more time at home.

"Looks like the show's really working! I hope more and more men watching the show and the stories of our lives begin to understand their own mothers, wives, girlfriends and sisters better and act more sensitively towards them as a result," she added.

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