Conservancy staff alleges salary delays, writes to superiors in civic body

Oct 09, 2013, 03:49 IST | Sukirt D. Gumaste

Representatives write to higher-ups complaining that salaries of workers are issued only on the 10th day of the month in comparison to other officials who're paid before 5th of every month

Should it be termed as a technical glitch or apathetic attitude exhibited by the civic body towards its conservancy staff? While the salary of the high-ranking officials is credited into their respective accounts before the 5th of every month, conservancy workers alleged that they had to wait until the 10th of every month to get their pay cheques.

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Fed up of the alleged irregularity, representatives of the PMC conservancy staff recently shot off a letter to the superiors complaining about the delay in receiving salaries. In the letter, the representatives mentioned that around 12,000 workers from all the ward offices in the city have been getting their salary on the 10th of every month for the last few months. They said that earlier, the salaries were disbursed within the first week of every month. 

After receiving the complaint, Suresh Jagtap, head, Solid Waste Management issued a circular to all ward offices yesterday, asking the officials to take necessary action to ensure timely payment of salaries of the conservancy staff in their respective wards. Jagtap is also the in-charge of solving worker-related issues.

“There is some technical glitch in the system due to which it took extra time to disburse salaries of the workers. The accounts department makes the payments only after receiving detailed information of their attendance. All these workers are from the ward office, water purification centres, headquarters and several other PMC offices. We lack a centralised system to keep records of all workers. Information about their attendance comes through various departments, and it takes time to consolidate it and calculate the salary before making the payment,” Jagtap said.

Commenting on the issue, secretary of PMC Workers’ Union Mukta Manohar said, “We have been facing this problem for the last seven to eight years. Earlier, they paid in cash. But the complication began when they started issuing cheques. The workers of the PMC are poor and need money on time. But, every month, PMC officials give excuses of technical problems for late payment. So we asked our superiors to set up a proper system.”

Refuting the allegation
of delayed payment to the conservancy staff, accounts department head Usha Kalamkar said, “We have been giving salaries on time. Earlier too, the workers used to be paid on the 7th of every month. There have been a few exceptional cases, wherein the salary of security guards was delayed by two to three days. But apart from that, all the workers are getting their money on time. Every office of the PMC should send the attendance report on time so that salary disbursement can start on time. Delays in receiving attendance reports are the main reason for late payments.”  

18,000 Total number of employees working in the PMC

12,000 People hired as workers in the PMC

Rs 40 crore Amount PMC needs, to disburse salaries for its employees

Rs 20 crore Collective salary the PMC pays to its conservancy staff 

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