Rejected Mumbai teen posts girl's pics, contact details online as revenge

Feb 08, 2017, 06:00 IST | Suraj Ojha

A constable's son uploads photos and contact details of 19-year-old girl who rejected him on a social networking site; girl files police complaint after strangers come knocking

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The son of a constable is under the police scanner for harassing a 19-year-old girl by uploading her photo and contact details on a social networking site. After her fake profile attracted unsolicited gifts and brought strangers to her doorstep, the girl, along with her father, filed a complaint with Meghwadi Police.

According to police sources, the accused, Siddhesh Mitbavkar -- a Jogeshwari resident -- used to study in the same college as the girl. “Siddhesh claimed to have fallen in love with the girl and proposed her repeatedly, throughout their first year at college. The girl, wary of his possessiveness, told him clearly that she did not want a relationship with him. She suggested that they be friends instead, but that did not go down well with Siddhesh. He started following her around after college and justified his actions by saying friends are allowed to be protective of friends'. Few months later, the girl went out of Mumbai to study medicine, but Siddhesh remained in the city pursuing computer engineering. But he constantly kept a tab on her -- chiding her if she posted any photos with other men, or even if she went out with her girl friends. Eventually, the girl told him they could not be friends and asked him to stay away from her,” said an official from Meghwadi Police station.

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Apparently, the girl blocked Siddhesh's phone number to avoid being harassed by him. “But Siddhesh took a new number and started disturbing her using that. Soon after, he uploaded her photo and all her contact details -- including her address and phone number -- on a social networking site. Then, Siddhesh started chatting with men posing to be that girl and invited them for dates. He asked them to pick her up from her home, so several strangers turned up at the girl's home, only to meet the girl's father. The father noted down names and numbers of all these men and confronted his daughter only to learn about how Siddhesh had been harassing her,” the official said.

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According to the girl's complaint, several unsolicited gifts, including lingerie, too turned up at her doorstep, but since the girl was still out of station, her father received those. The official said, “One day, Siddhesh posing as the girl invited a man to her place at 2 am. The man reached her place to meet the father, who invited him in and questioned him how he had found the girl's contact details. The man showed him the girl's profile and her so-called messages to him and other men.”

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The girl's father immediately asked her to return to Mumbai. “She was obviously shocked to find the profile and all the messages on it. She and her father rushed to Meghwadi Police station to file a complaint against Siddhesh.”

Police have said that they will arrest the teen soon after collecting evidence
Police have said that they will arrest the teen soon after collecting evidence

Meghwadi Police officials said they have filed a case of harassment against Siddhesh. “We are in the process of collecting evidence. We will arrest Siddhesh soon.”

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