Consulate staff visits Croatian who lost leg

Feb 10, 2013, 08:39 IST | Naveen Nair

Two days after MiD DAY report, Marcel Koprivic finally has cops and Croatian consulate staff visiting him at the JJ Hospital

Marcel Koprivic is talking again, finally. The Croatian national who met with a railway accident near Roha that led to one of his legs being amputated by doctors at the JJ hospital where he is admitted, spoke a few words when staff from the Croatian consulate visited him on Saturday.

Marcel Koprivic, the Croation national

Following MiD DAY’s report on Thursday (From Goa to Mumbai Croatian loses leg), about Koprivic, who lost his passport after some people robbed him, a member of the staff from the Croatian Consulate in Mumbai came to meet him. Earlier, on Friday, officials from the JJ Marg police station also met Koprivic and took his statement.

Koprivic lost his left leg in a rail accident and suffered a left femur (thigh) fracture. Doctors had treated the wound in his left leg (upto mid-knee) after he was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday. Koprivic underwent a second successful surgery on Thursday and his condition is currently stable.

The consulate staff said the Croatian embassy in Delhi had instructed them to meet Koprivic. The official also confirmed that they had matched the identity of the patient and are now following all necessary procedures.

Koprivic managed a few words when he told SMD: “I love India very much. I have visited many places. People here are good at heart.”

A resident doctor at JJ hospital said, “His condition is stable. We had to amputate his left limb to avoid gangrene.” A police official from JJ Marg police station said, “The Roha police has not handed over the case to us. They are still investigating the matter and inquiring about his whereabouts in Goa.” 

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