Consume more liquids this summer to avoid kidney stones: Doctors

Apr 01, 2013, 01:58 IST | A Correspondent

According to urologists, the city witnesses a 50-60% increase in kidney stone-related ailments during the sweltering months

With the advent of summer, the city witnesses a 50-60 per cent increase in kidney stone-related ailments. According to urologists, the prime reason for the same is dehydration. “People who work in hot environment and those with a work schedule that does not allow them to drink sufficient water are more likely to develop stones.

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A 5 to 7 degree rise in temperature could result in a 30% more likelihood of developing stone-related problems,” said Dr Abhinandan Sadlalge, a urologist. Dr Sanjeev Kanitkar, another urologist, said, “As the urine gets concentrated due to less water in the body, the chances of crystals being formed in the kidneys increase.”

“As people sweat a lot during summers, they should drink more water or other liquids,” explained urologist Dr Ketan Vartak. The added that people with the tendency to develop crystals in kidneys are more at risk during summers. 

Doctor’s advice
>> Drink plenty of water during the day and at night before bed so that your body stays hydrated
>> Drink lemonade as this has been shown to reduce the risk of kidney stones
>> Avoid drinking soda, iced tea etc, as these contain large amounts of oxalate – an acid that can lead to formation of calcium oxalate kidney stones
>> Cut down the intake of caffeine as it leaves you dehydrated even though you think you are taking in plenty of liquids
>> Reduce the salt intake and make that a regular habit
>> Check your intake of animal protein, including meat, eggs, and fish as they contain purines that break down into uric acid

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