"Controlling your breath will help control stress"

Sep 27, 2013, 03:41 IST | A Correspondent

What is Emotional Fitness Gym and how do you think your workshop will help people?

1. What is Emotional Fitness Gym and how do you think your workshop will help people?
At this workshop I will teach people how to develop immunity against stress so that one’s mental balance is maintained. Emotions can be considered like muscles in the body. The muscles on which you work harder will develop more strength, stamina and endurance. And the ones you don’t exercise, could shrivel if under-developed. At Emotional Fitness Gym one learns to reduce stress instantly at a biological level.  You will learn how to adapt your thoughts, beliefs and thinking process to serve a much more useful and beneficial purpose, to initiate desired changes into your personality and your life at a subconscious level. You will also learn how to generate a new self image.

2. Is stress related to a certain age group of demographic of the population?
Stress is maximum among people between 25-35 years of age. Though people from all age groups and sexes attend this workshop. The stress levels have increased so much that we need these kind of workshops. Increase of stress can cause death of a person, so it is needed to be taken care of at the right time. We must change the way we think, as that will also help to reduce stress.

3. What do you suggest should one do to instantly release stress?
One must learn to control their breathing to control the stress levels; this is the first thing to do. Initially it is difficult but once you practise it regularly it becomes a habit and helps one reduce stress for sure.

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