Cop who inspired 'Maximum' attends screening with his family

Jun 30, 2012, 06:27 IST | Kunal M Shah

Jailed encounter cop Pradeep Sharma's parents and daughter attend special show of the Sonu Sood-starrer inspired by his life

Sonu Sood’s character in Kabeer Kaushik’s Maximum is said to be inspired by the real-life encounter specialist cop Pradeep Sharma. The film that opened this Friday had a special trial on Thursday night for the wife and family of the cop.

The jailed Sharma’s parents, wife and daughter came over to check the film and see how much of his life has been incorporated in the film. A source said, “The trial was held at a Juhu multiplex and Sharma’s wife Honey Sharma was seen interacting with Sonu before and after the film.

Even Sharma’s parents were talking to him. Incidentally, Sharma’s daughter is a squash player, just like the character of Sood’s daughter in the film. Apart from that, there have been various sequences which have been drawn from the cop’s life.”

Sonu Sood confirms our information and said, “Yes, the family had come to watch the film. We have drawn some references from his life and obviously that draws the attention for them to see it. They loved the film and they could relate to it.”

Sood further says, “Pradeep’s parents said they quite liked the way I was dressed up in the film and the way I dressed, kept my pen and my watch reminded them of the early days of Pradeep. The family loved the climax of the film and had tears in their eyes.”  

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