Coping with emotional stress

Updated: Jul 11, 2014, 09:38 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate |

Three questions with Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Anil D Dagia

Q. How will the workshop on Emotional Fitness Gym help people?
A. I will basically teach how to develop immunity against stress so that one’s mental balance is maintained. Developing immunity against emotional viruses will improve your responses under stress. It will help alleviate biological symptoms of stress (like blood pressure, diabetes, asthma) and help retain peak energy levels and focus. This workshop will help develop your concentration and memory by eliminating distractions caused by stress. Emotions can be considered just like muscles in the body. The muscles which you exercise more will develop strength and endurance. The ones you don’t could shrivel. At the Emotional Fitness Gym, you learn how to reduce stress at a biological level, to adapt your thoughts to serve a beneficial purpose, how to initiate desired changes into your personality and your life at a subconscious level and how to generate a new self image.

emotional stress

Q. What kinds of stress are found more and in which category of people?
A. People from all age groups, males and females attend this workshop. The stress levels in today’s life cycle have increased so much that we need these workshops. If the stress increases it can cause death, so it needs to be taken care of at the right time. We must change the way we think; that will help reduce stress. Stress is seen maximum in the age group of people between the ages 25-35 as they are unable to handle responsibilities.

Anil D Dagia
Anil D Dagia

Q. Can you give tips to reduce stress?
A. Learn to control your breathing to control stress levels. This is the first thing one should do. Initially, it is difficult but once you practice, it regularly so that it becomes a habit.

On: July 20
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