Cops arrest quack for doling out 'magic pill' to help women conceive

Aug 19, 2013, 00:52 IST | Shiva Devnath

Police have arrested Vishnu Pawar, who ran a clinic in the garb of an Ayurved; his scandalous practice came to light when a woman found out that the pill he had given her to help her conceive was in fact just a medicine to arrest menstrual cycle

A fake Ayurvedic doctor has been arrested for duping several married women on the pretext of giving them a medicine to make them pregnant. The quack, Vishnu Pawar (42), runs a clinic in Kalyan.

It all started when a housewife from Goregaon, who was finding it difficult to conceive, contacted him and he promised to help her out. He got Rs 2 lakh out of the woman and gave her a pill.

After taking the pill, the woman missed her menstrual cycle and thought she was pregnant. As new spread amongst her friends, several women approached the quack for the ‘magic pill’.

The joy of the victim’s family was short-lived after the woman’s cycle started after four months. The family took the victim to a doctor who told them that the pill was only to arrest the menstrual cycle and not something that could get a woman pregnant.

The woman then approached the Dindoshi police, who arrested Pawar. He has been remanded to three-day police custody. According to the police, Pawar has knowledge about Ayurveda, but does not have a valid degree to practice. 

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