Cops arrested for robbing spa also stole from bars, lodges

Jan 11, 2013, 06:34 IST | Akela

Admit to robbing other commercial establishments and making sham complaints against them if they refused to pay up a monthly hafta

Crime Branch officials investigating a Mulund spa robbery involving cops have come upon more crimes committed by the same policemen. The constables arrested for robbing and mauling beauticians at the spa have admitted that they had robbed several beer bars and lodges in the past.

Rudrakshini salon
The constables were arrested on January 3 for robbing Rudrakshini salon in Mulund (W)

They were also given to collecting hafta from the bars and beauty parlours, by dropping the name of Additional Police Commissioner (East Region) Quaiser Khalid, to whose office they are attached. 

On January 3, the Mulund police arrested constables Hanumanta Kawale (37), Shekhar Shinde (30), Madhukar Khillare (40) and Dashrath Jankar (32), attached to Khalid’s office, on the charge of robbing Rudrakshini beauty parlour and spa located at LBS Marg in Mulund (West). 

The accused are still in police custody. “We have just started the investigations, and cannot comment at this stage,” said a Crime Branch officer of Unit VII, which has started its probe in the matter.

Predator cops
During investigations, the accused admitted that they had robbed Trimurti Lodge, Jasnil Lodge, Monika Beer Bar and other establishments in the past. The accused cops would eat and drink at these bars and when it came time to foot the tab, they’d threaten the owner and waiters by saying they were Addl CP Khalid’s men.

The accused cops had also taken to collecting hafta from these commercial establishments. Sources said the cops confessed to demanding Rs 5,000 from the owner every month. If they refused, the accused cops would complain to the police control room that the establishment was a front for illegal activities. The owners would then be forced to settle the matter by paying up the monthly hafta.

The accused had made 12 complaints to the control room in the past two months against Rudrakshini spa. Following instructions from the control room, the Mulund police visited the spa to probe the complaints but found no hint of illegal acticvities and submitted a null report.

“No comments. Talk to my boss,” said JJ Jadhav, senior inspector, Mulund police station. Sources said molestation charges could be added against the arrested constables as they would often snatch money from the pockets of the women beauticians’ pants. They added that the accused would be dismissed from the police force soon. 

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