Cops bust gang of 5 chain-snatchers

Jun 13, 2012, 07:46 IST | Kaumudi Gurjar

Recover Rs 14-lakh booty, seize 4 bikes used to commit crime

Five persons operating as a chain-snatching syndicate were arrested by Hadapsar police recently. The police recovered booty worth Rs 14 lakh and seized four bikes used for chain-snatching.

After the bust:  The five arrested men who the police say are responsible for a series of chain-snatchings in the city

According to the police, three persons had rented a room in Chakrpanvasti, Moolgan. The police also arrested an autorickshaw driver, Sunny alias Himmat Nana Chaudhari (20) who was also involved in chain-snatching cases.

The rest of the arrested persons were identified as Ramakant alias Ramesh Prabhakar Jadhav (22), Dhiraj Ashok Jain (22), Rahul Vijay Bahavsar (25) and Sachin Gulabrao Wagh (24). The police said the arrested five persons had perfect coordination between them and at a time only two went out to commit thefts.

The police display the recovered booty worth Rs 14 lakh

Senior Inspector Raghunath Jadhav said they usually used to target women walking alone in the streets. Jadhav said that two of them would ride a bike from the wrong side of the road and approach the victim on the pretext of asking directions. Before the victim could realise what was happening to her, the person riding pillion would snatch the gold chain worn by the victim.

The four bikes seized from the arrested men. Pics/Pranav Bagade

Jadhav said four chain-snatching cases were cracked after the arrest of the five. “We first nabbed Jain after we received information that he was involved in chain-snatching cases,” Jadhav said. “After his arrest, he spilled the beans and later the rest four were arrested.” 

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