Cops bust Madh island party after 'obscene' activities

Feb 11, 2013, 07:00 IST | Shiva Devnath

Police say that the revellers abused them, broke alcohol bottles and threatened to strip; one of the guests claims they were targeted for being homosexuals

Finding themselves unequal to the task, Goregaon police personnel had to call in their colleagues from Malvani while conducting a raid on a party at Madh following complaints regarding loud music and ‘indecent’ behaviour. The bust was conducted around 2.30 am on Sunday at the Sea Shells Bungalow near Erangal Village. Though most of the attendees managed to flee, cops apprehended and fined nearly 22 guests.

Sea Shells Bungalow
Sea Shells Bungalow near Erangal Village, Madh

According to the police, they received information that the party was being held without proper permissions. The invites were sent through Facebook and SMS and Rs 400 was the entry fee. DCP Mahesh Patil (Zone XI) sent in a squad from Goregaon police station instead of Malvani to verify the information. The cops walked into the bungalow where the party was going on in full swing. “The revellers were drinking, dancing and indulging in obscene acts. We had to stop them as they also did not have any permission to play music,” said an officer who was present during the raid.

Sea Shells Bungalow
Cops say that the revellers started smashing alcohol bottles on the ground, abusing them and also threatened to strip if they were taken to the police station

As the cops asked the guests to stop the din, an argument broke out, which allegedly escalated into a minor scuffle. Police say that the revellers started smashing alcohol bottles on the ground and abusing the cops. They also allegedly threatened to strip if they were taken to the police station. As the Goregaon police personnel realised they were outnumbered and the situation was getting out of hand, they called in for additional forces. This time a team from Malvani police station came to their rescue and started arresting the revellers. Finally, they manage to detain 22 people.

“Is it wrong to party with friends? We had gone there for a get-together and were having a nice time when the cops just barged in without warning. They started abusing us and using foul language as if we were freaks. If the organiser did not take permission, what is our fault? We were targeted unnecessarily just because we are gay,” said one of the guests, who did not wish to be named.

Confirming the incident, DCP Patil said, “The group had a drinking licence for one day. However, they did not have permission to play loud music. An event manager, three DJs and a caretaker were charged under section 33(W) of Bombay Police Act for failure to get a licence to use a place for public entertainment, and indecent behaviour. Seventeen others were charged under section 110 of the Bombay Police Act.” A fine of Rs 1,200 was collected from each of those detained before they were let off. Police say though there was no use of drugs and it was a party among friends, they were creating a commotion and exhibiting ‘licentious’ behaviour.

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