Mumbai: Cops caught torturing minor and framing him for his mother's death

Aug 22, 2017, 08:26 IST | Santosh Wagh

17-year-old illegally detained by officers of a local crime branch of the Thane rural police for over 12 hours and beaten black and blue, all because the real killer had misled the police by naming boy as suspect

Mukesh Nimse had framed Sandhya Nimse's minor son for her murder, which he committed
Mukesh Nimse had framed Sandhya Nimse's minor son for her murder, which he committed

Beating up a suspect black and blue isn't the best way to goad a murder confession, crime branch officers from Sahapur have learnt. They not only detained a minor for his mother's murder but also got him to falsely confess he did it after a series of beatings. Only after another cop spoke gently to the minor was it revealed that the actual killer had framed him.

The minor was detained on August 14 by officers of a local crime branch of the Thane rural police in connection with the murder of his mother Sandhya Nimse. They had taken him in on the information provided by Mukesh Nimse, the killer, who is also the minor's cousin. The police illegally detained the minor for over 12 hours. He was beaten up black and blue by the officers and allegedly forced into confessing to the killing.

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'Was clueless'
"Mukesh told the police he had seen me in blood-soaked clothes on the day of my mother's murder. The police confronted me with Mukesh in the torture room. Every person entering the room hit me with the bolpatta (belt used by cops to hit criminals). I was clueless about what they wanted from me," said the boy.

The minor said he was picked up from his home at 11 am on August 14. But, cops started interrogating him only in the night.

"They began interrogating me about the murder of which I had no clue. I was shocked that they were planning to frame me for it. The torture inside the lock-up was unbearable, and hence, I confessed," he added.

The real confession
Just when the minor had come to terms with serving jail for a crime he hadn't committed, one constable from another unit of the crime branch visited him. "He came and hugged me. I broke down and told him that I am not the killer. He asked me my exact whereabouts when the crime took place and I told him the truth," he said.

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The crime branch team from Kashimira then verified the minor's claim and found out that he was not lying. The needle of suspicion then pointed towards Mukesh, who had misled the cops about the minor's involvement in the August 9 murder.

The murder
Sandhya's body, with her head smashed, was found in her farmland in Kanadi Village, Shahpur. Her husband Ganesh, a carpenter, had gone out for work while their two children were at home with her. Since there was a power cut, the minor had gone to his uncle's home, and by the time he returned, she had been killed. The local police launched an investigation after filing a FIR. Two crime branch teams initiated parallel probes.

During the probe, officers of one crime branch team received information that a villager named Mukesh had spotted the minor in the area wearing a bloodstained shirt. Mukesh said when he confronted the minor, he admitted to killing his mother.

On the basis of that information, the cops had detained the boy on August 14.

Parallel truths
However, the other team probing the case was still doubtful about the minor's involvement. Officers from that team focussed on the one line the minor had told them during interrogation. He had said he had gone to his uncle's home for 15 minutes during the power cut. The team then checked this claim with his uncle, who corroborated it. The police then figured out that it was almost impossible for a person to kill his mother in such a short time after leaving his uncle's home.

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That team of investigators then picked up Mukesh for questioning. After hours of grilling, Mukesh admitted to the crime. He said he'd lost money in a chit fund scheme and had to pay a friend who'd lent R40,000 to him. Mukesh said he'd seen Sandhya wearing gold jewellery in the past, and hence, had decided to rob her by killing her.

On August 9, he told her that cows were destroying their crops. Sandhya had rushed to the farmland, with Mukesh behind her. He had then killed her by smashing her head with a huge stone and fled with her jewellery. The police have recovered the ornaments.

What the police are saying
Mahesh Patil, the superintendent of police, Thane rural, said, "We were misguided by the accused. The boy had confessed under police pressure. But later, our men zeroed in on the real culprit and arrested him. We have not beaten him up, he was detained by us for inquiry, but if there is any allegation about the beating or ill-treatment, we will investigate it."

Rs 40k
Amount the accused needed to return to his friend

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