Cops hunt for clues in statements, stomach wash, 'grey powder'

Jul 13, 2012, 06:40 IST | Vinod Kumar Menon

The medical and police community seem to have finally galvanised their resources to get to the bottom of the baffling deaths of the Versova siblings.

The police on Wednesday collected Rehab Chougle’s stomach wash, which had been preserved by doctors at Criti Care hospital. They are now making arrangements to send the same to the Forensics Science Laboratory (FSL) in Kalina. Statements of various people are also being recorded.

Mystery continues: Rehab and her brother Rameez died within hours of each other

Meanwhile, the forensics scientists at Kalina have already started testing on the residue of grey powder that was found in their residence. Rukmini Krishnamurthy, former FSL director and technical advisor to the Institute of Forensics Science run by the state government, told MiD DAY that even if the residue of grey powder turns out to be poison, the same would have to be matched against the viscera samples of the deceased. For this, exhumation of the body for retrieval of organs is necessary, as the post mortem surgeon did not preserve the viscera.

Also, it is unclear why the police haven’t collected the garments Rameez and Rehab were wearing prior to their death. According to Dr Rukmini Krishnamurthy, the clothes should have been seized, sealed by the police and sent to the FSL, Kalina, as they would have contained stains of vomit, saliva and even urine, which would provide clues to the exact cause of their deaths.

Meanwhile, a police team from Versova police station has spoken to police surgeon Dr S M Patil to discuss the future course of action.

Another police officer, speaking off record, said, “From inquiries and Rehab’s treatment papers, it is evident that the line of treatment was for pest control poisoning. If that is the case, why have the siblings’ mother and their family been hiding the facts from us since the beginning?”

Additional Commissioner of Police (West) Vishwas Nangre Patil revealed that cops are recording statements of the siblings’ mother, other relatives, and doctors who treated them. 

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