Cops ignoring my complaint: Khatri's wife

Sep 22, 2011, 07:05 IST | A Correspondent

Spouse of man held with explosives says police not taking action on molestation complaint against men who framed him

Spouse of man held with explosives says police not taking action on molestation complaint against men who framed him

Even as used car dealer Gopal Khatri remains in jail for last week's discovery of a huge cache of arms and explosives in his car, his wife Sarita has claimed the Chinchwad police are sitting on her complaint of molestation against the two brothers who she says framed her husband.

Who is right? Sarita Khatri says she was molested around 10 pm on
Saturday at her Chinchwad home, but the police say the accused was
in Pimpri at that time. File pic

Sarita says the brothers, Deepak and Anil Mewani, molested her on the same night that saw the arrest of Khatri near Hotel Ambiance. She also claims the Mewanis entangled her husband in a false case as he had turned down their demand to turn hostile in a case against one of them.

On the issue of inaction on the molestation complaint, the Chinchwad police said they had recorded at least six statements that show the Mewani brothers were not present at the time of the alleged incident at Devilink Society, where Mewani and Khatri live.

The police said the watchman of the building told them it was Sarita who had gone up to the second and third floor, where the Mewani family lives. They said on the several occasions in the past both families had filed cross-complaints against each other.

Police Inspector Sunil Yadav said what Sarita had claimed did not agree with their findings as mobile phone records showed Mewani was not in Chinchwad at the time of the alleged molestation. "We verified mobile phone CDR (call details report) of Mewani and it shows he was in Pimpri between 9.30 pm and 11 pm, whereas Khatri's wife has claimed she was molested at 10 pm at her residence in Chinchwad," Yadav said.

Sarita said a small businessman like her husband could not have procured lethal arms and explosives.
She said her husband, Deepak Mewani and a person called Mahadu More were together minutes before his arrest at Hotel Ambiance and had spent almost an hour-and-half with one another.

She said right till the point the police arrested her husband after recovering arms and explosives from the boot of his car, Deepak Mewani and More had been threatening her husband to make him turn hostile in the case.
The case in question was one in which Khatri had testified in court against Mewani and his accomplice, claiming both had given blood money to do away with Deputy Mayor Dabbu Aaswani.

The police said their investigation was focusing on the arms and explosives. "The investigation is on and we are concentrating on finding out from where Khatri procured the arms and explosives and for what purpose," Assistant Police Commissioner Vinod Satav said. "The arrested suspect is not cooperating with us in the inquiry."

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