Cops make 30-mile dash to airport after British PM forgets passport

Jun 03, 2013, 01:01 IST | Agencies

British PM David Cameron nearly missed a family holiday to Ibiza after he forgot his passport. Police officers had to rush Cameron's passport to Gatwick Airport after he realised he had left it in Downing Street.

Cameron reportedly thought it was among papers being held by his bodyguard but an officer had to radio Number 10 and have it rushed to the airport in West Sussex.

Almost didn’t happen: Had it not been for the police, British PM David Cameron would not be able to enjoy his family holiday in Ibiza. Pic/Getty Images

The police were able to deliver the passport to Cameron just in time for take-off and Cameron, his wife Samantha and their three children flew on holiday to Ibiza.

“Luckily, his staff were able to locate the passport swiftly and it was delivered safely into his hands - just in time for take-off,” a source said.

Cameron was heavily criticised for going on holiday so soonafter the Woolwich terror attack, which killed Drummer Le Rigby.

It was last year disclosed that Cameron accidentally left his eight-year-old daughter Nancy behind after a pub lunch with family and friends.

Nancy had gone to the toilets while her parents were organising cars to take the party back to the Chequers, Cameron’s Buckinghamshire residence.

Cameron immediately phoned the pub when he realised his daughter had been left behind and returned to pick her up.  

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