Cops pose as film producers, nab actor making lewd calls

Jan 28, 2013, 08:09 IST | Shiva Devnath

Struggling Bhojpuri actor Ramesh Giri had been using an app that allowed him to change his voice and made crank calls to at least 12 other actors

After being subjected to lewd phone calls for the past one year, singer Supriya Joshi can finally live in peace, after the Oshiwara police arrested the man responsible for giving her sleepless nights by making lewd calls. The authorities arrested a struggling Bhojpuri actor Ramesh Giri for making the lewd calls to Joshi.

Supriya Joshi
After Supriya Joshi filed an FIR, the cops started looking for Ramesh Giri, who used six different Sim cards to call her

According to the authorities, Giri was using an app on his phone that allowed him to change his voice making it difficult for anyone to recognise him. Additionally, it was revealed that Giri was making such calls not only to Joshi, but to at least 12 other women from the Bhojpuri film industry. He also would be making crank calls to men, pretending to be a woman and talk to them. “Giri did this just for fun, he had no other intention,” said Assistant Police Inspector Ravindra Patil from Oshiwara.

Patil said that after Joshi had registered a complaint with them, they tried to trace the number but were unable to find any matches. Slowly, they started finding all the other women whom Giri was calling and then laid a trap with the help of another actor Manoj Pandey. “When we learnt that Giri was making the calls and that he was a struggling actor, we called him to a location in Andheri pretending to be producers of a movie. We told him that he needed to give an audition for a role in a Bollywood movie, which tempted him,” said Patil. The police arrested Giri yesterday and will produce him in court today.

During investigations, the authorities also found two Sim cards on Giri, one of which he had hid in his socks. Giri had been calling Supriya from six different mobile numbers, making it difficult for her to discern if she should take a call or not. She had told the police in her complaint that she could not concentrate on her work or live peacefully.

Supriya, who is trained in the Indore gharana, has also trained under legendary composers like Ravindra Jain, Suresh Wadkar, Kuldeep Singh and Ravi Jule. She has done playback singing for many films, including My friend Ganesha 2.

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