Cops probe organisers' visit to Gulf

Sep 14, 2012, 06:59 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Crime Branch officials investigating the Azad Maidan fracas have revealed that the rally organisers had visited Gulf countries, prior to the August 11 gathering. Police are now investigating which specific countries they visited, who funded the trip, and if the excursion was to seek assistance for the rally in creating the disturbance.

“Why they visited the Gulf countries, and who funded their trip is something we are looking into. Whether they were given explicit instructions to ferment violence during the rally is also part of our enquiry,” said an officer. “The trip to the foreign countries was just before the rally, which raises several questions about the involvement of a foreign hand in the violence.”

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Crime Branch officers have till date arrested 54 people for the Azad Maidan mayhem and have recorded the statements of four people — Ahmed Raza of Madina Tul Ilm, Sayed Noori of Raza Academy, a Maulana, and Ibrahim Bhaichan, a Congress leader — instrumental in organising the rally. Cops have also recorded the statement of retired ACP Shamsher Pathan, who was also part of the rally. 

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