Cops study violent video games link in Sandy Hook massacre

Feb 19, 2013, 09:36 IST | Agencies

Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza (in pic) may have been emulating a video game when he carried out his deadly assault last December.

Detectives investigating the massacre, in which Lanza fatallyshot 20 children and six staff at the primary school, are exploring the theory that his video games are a vital clue to his actions.

During a search of the home the loner shared with his mother — and first victim — Nancy Lanza, police found thousands of dollars’ worth of graphically violent video games.

Before his killing rampage Lanza (20), destroyed the hard drive on his computer, which may have kept some of the records of the games he played and who he played with.

It is unknown whether Lanza had left a manifesto or other written explanation for the shootings or why he chose the school.

Shooting inspires playground
The largest firefighters union in New Jersey is remembering the 26 victims of December’s Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting massacre in Connecticut by building a playground to honor each one in a community recovering from hurricane Sandy. New Jersey and New York will get 10 playgrounds each, and Connecticut will get six. 

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