Cops to tow away vehicles parked for more than 6 hours

Oct 07, 2014, 03:44 IST | Anuj Ismail

From tomorrow, traffic cops in the area will take photos of parked vehicles and share it with the team via WhatsApp; vehicle will be towed away if it is found in the same place after six hours

After the implementation of the even-odd day parking system in Pune Cantonment area, traffic cops have now decided to take action against people who leave their vehicles parked in the same place for more than six hours.

Time-bound parking: As per the new regulation, any vehicle found parked un the same spot for more than six hours will be towed away by the traffic police. File pic

Deputy Commissioner of Police (traffic), Sarang Awad has instructed his team to take photos of vehicles parked in the morning and share the images via WhatsApp.

If any vehicle is found parked at the same place six hours later, traffic police will take another photo of the vehicle and tow it away. The owner will have to shell out Rs 100 as towing charges.

The new regulation is expected to come into effect on October 8, a day after the extended deadline for taking suggestions and objections for the even-odd day parking system gets over.

“After the introduction of the new parking system, I found out that residents of the area have taken monthly passes for parking and would leave their vehicles parked in the same spot for weeks.

Therefore, I have instructed the traffic department to click photos and share them on WhatsApp and repeat the same every six hours so that we have substantial proof that the vehicle was parked at the same place,” informed Awad.

Awad added that before the implementation of the even-odd day parking system, he had also noticed that commercial vehicles were parked in the area throughout the night.

“As per the Motor Vehicles Act, we can tow away a vehicle if it is parked at a particular spot for more than six hours,” he added.

Speaking to mid-day, Pandurang Gofane, senior police inspector of Lashkar traffic division, said, “We have been taking action against people who deliberately park their vehicles in no-parking zones. On an average, around 100 people are booked every day after the introduction of the new system.”

The rulebook states...
As per the Central Motor Vehicles Rule, 1989, any authority empowered by the state may, in consultation with the local authority having jurisdiction in the area concerned, determine places where vehicles may stand either indefinitely or for a specified period of time.

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