Cops travelling in train land up in bloody fight with thieves

Sep 09, 2013, 06:36 IST | Akela

Receiving a tip-off that the absconding accused in the Shakti Mills gang rape case was travelling from Rajasthan to Surat, Crime Branch officials sent a team to Bhuj to nab him; however, they landed up in a daring and bloody fight in the train after three thieves armed with knives and choppers attempted a brazen robbery

On Friday, around 12 am, a police team attached to Unit III of the Mumbai Crime Branch comprising of Assistant Police Inspector (API) Datta Masvekar, Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Valvi, constables Akhtar Shaikh and Prakash Kondalkar boarded a train from Dadar station heading to Bhuj.

The team was calmly making their way to their destination when screams alerted them. Three thieves brandishing choppers in their hands entered the train and started demanding that all passengers hand over their valuables. Unaware of the fact that cops were in the train, the thieves two identified as Ismail Banglori and Rajkumar Yadav approached them and demanded their belongings. When constable Shaikh refused to hand over the money to the thieves, one of them even slashed his thigh.

The thieves then made another round of the train, which is when API Masvekar and his team decided to nab Banglori, Yadav and the third thief.

As soon as Yadav returned, the cops overpowered him and were able to lock him in the bathroom. Sensing his accomplice was in trouble, Banglori approached the cops and soon a fight ensued.

The three cops were able to grab Banglori, albeit with much difficulty. Banglori was strong and managed to drag the cops to another compartment where the fight continued.

However, he soon realised that his attackers were police officials. As soon as he realised they were cops, Banglori said, “Aap agar police wale ho, toh mujhe goli kyon nahin mar dete (If you are cops, why don’t you shoot me). It was then that Masvekar drew his weapon on Banglori’s head. Afraid that he would die, Banglori then started pleading with Masvekar to let him go and started yelling ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya, Ganpati Bappa Morya’.

The third thief escaped by hanging onto the side of the train. The cops then handed over the two to Valsad police. Illustrations: Amit Bandre

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