Corn tales

Jun 04, 2012, 06:27 IST | Anjali Jhangiani

The Corn Club has opened in a new avatar, presenting innovative corn delights that are light not just on the calorie-front, but also on the pocket

Whether you want it sweet, golden or tender, The Corn Club serves it all at their revamped outlet that boasts a new menu. “Corn is a healthy snack during summer.

Corn Spring Rolls, Baby Corn Fingers and Corn Samosas

We have added new items to the menu that would appeal to today’s fast-food generation without compromising on nutritional value,” says Rahul Mhaske, proprietor, The Corn Club The renovated joint is vibrant with bright yellow and green stools and tables, in keeping with their ‘youthful’ appearance.  

Snack attack
We start our corn journey with a bowl of Corn Tikki Chat (Rs 35). Light, crisp potato and corn tikkis topped with a tangy chutney and lashings of thick yoghurt, this made for the perfect pre-evening snack.

Next, we sampled a mixed platter of yummy fries. We bite into the much-talked-about Corn Cheese Balls (Rs 55 for a plate of five), which just melt in the mouth. Crispy, yet bursting with gooey cheese, the only thing that could make this yummier is a drop of tomato sauce.

The Corn Tikki Chat (Rs 35) made for the perfect pre-evening snack 

The Corn Patties (Rs 28 for two pieces) are filling, yet not heavy on the tummy. This was followed up with crunchy Baby Corn Fingers (Rs 55 for 10). We found these rather addictive.

The Corn Samosas (Rs 18 for two) were delicious with a crisp covering and a tasty filling. Those up for a hearty meal, could opt for the Corn Club’s signature Veg Corn Biryani (Rs 55). The generous amounts of corn add a faint and welcome sweetness to the dish.

The Corn Club on FC Road

They also do sandwiches, including a Grilled Corn Sandwich (Rs 40) and a Coleslaw Sandwich (Rs 30), which can be made with brown or white bread.
Jain options available

Jain options include Corn Coleslaw (Rs 35 for a small cup), Indian Corn Burger (Rs 35), Corn Au Gratin (Rs 55 for a small bowl), Malaysian Cup Corn (Rs 30), Sweet Corn Soup (Rs 30), Corn Hoorda (Rs 30), and Corn on the Cob (Rs 20).

These corn-filled temptations at pocket-friendly prices are sure to appeal to lovers of corn, who could drop by. Or avail of their free home-delivery service.

At The Corn Club, Nirankar Apartments, 1133/5, Fergusson College Road.
Call 25679779/ 9552580817 (open from 11 am to 11 pm) 

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