Corporators blame PMC officials for bad road condition

Aug 05, 2013, 00:18 IST | A Correspondent

Say they have been issued no rights to haul up workers and engineers for poor quality of work; urge the civic body to set up a vigilance committee to monitor work and upgrade the process of issuing tenders to avoid corruption

In a shame-faced move, some elected members of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) have publicly admitted that they are helpless in dealing with the poor road conditions and cannot do anything to improve it. The statements were made at a discussion organised by Sajag Nagarik Manch where leaders from all parties answered Punekars’ queries on the condition of roads.

Craters on the roads: Corporators had no answer as to why engineers were not taken to task for poor roads, that lead to many vehicular accidents, due to potholes. Representation Pic

Corporators were speechless regarding taking action against concerned PMC officials. They could not explain why roads have not been improved and blamed PMC officials. They alleged that the PMC administration is inefficient; and that contractors and consultants are equally responsible for the condition of roads.

Subhash Jagtap, NCP leader in the PMC, said, “The state government has not given us any rights to take action against engineers or PMC officials. Corporators are not allowed to suspend an official for not performing duties. For the last two years we have been demanding a special vigilance committee to keep an eye on the PMC administration but the idea was not approved. Therefore, the Municipal Commissioner and PMC administration are responsible for the current state of the roads.”

Vasant More, MNS leader said, “The PMC has appointed consultants and a third party to evaluate development work. But, we have observed that consultants are not conducting surveys or studies. They are equally responsible and should be punished immediately. There is no command of the ruling party on the PMC administration which is the root cause of all these problems.”

Congress leader Arvind Shinde said, “The tendering process and implementation of work should be upgraded. The General Body (GB) has not been given rights and that is why many corrupt officials are exploiting funds for many years.”

After the discussion, representatives of Sajag Nagarik Manch criticised the apathy of corporators. “Why should we elect representatives if they are incapable of explaining problems in development. What is the use of corporators; they should file a case or FIR against the municipal commissioner and concerned officials for not doing their duties properly,” said Vishwas Sahastrabuddhe, a member of the manch.

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