Corporators up in arms against PMC leaders' non-cooperation

Jul 30, 2013, 01:12 IST | A Correspondent

Councillors furious as municipal commissioner nixes meeting to discuss illegal hoardings

The PMC ban on meetings with party leaders has affected the realisation of many important decisions. Due to this, a scheduled meeting of PMC officials with the municipal commissioner regarding a hoarding problem in the city has been postponed by a week.

PMC officials have prepared a report on hoardings and presented it in the recent GB meeting. Corporators claim that the report submitted by the municipal commissioner is incomplete and had called a meeting to discuss the issue.

“There is nothing new in the report and it does not respond to any queries. For the last three years we have been pursuing this issue but officials do not want to disclose information. In the report they left out details on the revenue collected from hoardings. The report is completely useless,” said Avinash Bagawe, corporator from Congress.

He said that a meeting of PMC officials with the municipal commissioner had been called for. All party leaders were expected to attend the meeting to set a deadline to remove hoardings. However, he said PMC officials cancelled the meeting showing their non-cooperation. In a meeting last week with the sports committee, the city development committee backed out.

“PMC lacks information on the number of illegal hoardings and outstanding revenue. There is a need to finalise a specific policy and a deadline to implement it. We expect a decision next week. If not we will file a case,” Bagawe added.

Municipal Commissioner Mahesh Pathak said, “I was in Mumbai for some work that is why the meeting was cancelled. It is nothing to do with the ban. All the officials have been doing their work and it has not affected any civic work. In the next two days the issue of hoardings will be resolved.”  

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