Couple attacked in train over beef suspicion in Harda

Jan 16, 2016, 11:00 IST | Agencies

Incident occurred after a group of 15 men started searching luggage over alleged rumours of beef being transported in Kushinagar Express; two members of Gauraksha Samiti arrested

Harda: A couple was allegedly thrashed in a train by right wing activists who insisted on checking their luggage for beef after an unclaimed bag containing meat was found in the train. The incident sparked a clash between the two sides at Khirkiya station, 30 km from Harda, after Mohammed Hussain (43) and his wife Naseem Bano (38) called their relatives for help, the police said.

Two members of Gauraksha Samiti have been arrested on Bano's complaint. Nine acquaintances of Hussain were also arrested, but got bail. The incident took place on January 13 on Kushinagar Express on its way to Gorakhpur.

The trouble began after an unclaimed bag containing meat was recovered from the general compartment of Kushinagar Express. Claiming that the bag contained beef though it later turned out to be buffalo meat, about 10-15 people from Chhanera station started checking the compartment they had boarded from Khandwa station while returning from Hyderabad.

The couple claimed that the men forcibly searched bags of passengers saying that cow meat was being carted out following which they and some passengers protested. "They assaulted me and my husband," Bano alleged, adding they were rescued by a policeman Sanjay Banka.

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