Couple mugged at SGNP to wed soon

Jul 19, 2012, 06:55 IST | Shiva Devnath

When cops asked the duo to come in for sketches of the goons who robbed them at knifepoint, their two-year affair was exposed

They say a traumatic moment can bring people together, and here’s a peculiar case in point. A couple has decided to tie the knot after being robbed at Sanjay Gandhi National Park. When cops called them up for investigations, their parents came to know of the affair.

Face to face: After lodging their complaint, the two provided the cops a sketch of the thugs who robbed the girl of her gold earrings

Walk in the park
On Monday, the two engineering students visited the park near Kanheri Caves to spend some time together. According to the Kasturba Marg police, the couple had tired of walking and decided to sit down and rest a while, when things went awry.

The two were sitting in the shade of a tree and were busy talking when a few goons approached them. “The goons threatened them at knifepoint, demanding the girl’s gold earrings. They snatched her earrings, roughed her up and fled the scene. The 20-yr-old girl, a resident of Vile Parle, has sustained minor injuries,” said an official.

Following the attack, the boy, a student of IIT Chennai and a resident of Santacruz approached the Kasturba Marg police station to register a complaint. “On Tuesday, we called the boy and girl at their residence to ask them to come and identify previous offenders as part of the investigation and also provide descriptions for the sketches,” said Inspector Sudhir Sankhe, Kasturba Marg police station. “We are now tracing the robbers with the help of the sketches that we prepared on Wednesday,” added Sankhe.

Wedding bells
Cops added that the moment the parents of the couple learnt that the two had gone to the park alone, they confronted them about their affair.

“They have now decided to marry. They were dating for the last two years but had not disclosed it to their parents. Thanks to the robbery, the fact came to light and now they are to get married,” said an official.  

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