Mumbai: Court allows Poonam Bhagat to collect valuables from Jaidev Shroff's home

Jun 21, 2016, 07:19 IST | Vinay Dalvi

In a relief to Poonam Bhagat, HC allowed her to collect her jewellery, clothes, passport and other documents that are in her estranged husband’s Pali Hill house in Bandra West

In the ongoing court tussle between industrialist Jaidev Shroff and his socialite wife Poonam Bhagat, the Bombay High Court has granted temporary relief to the latter. Bhagat has been allowed to collect her jewellery, clothes, passport and other documents that are in her estranged husband’s Pali Hill house in Bandra West. She had demanded that she be allowed to visit the house regularly, since Jaidev does not stay there for most of the time.

Poonam Bhagat and Jaidev Shroff
Poonam Bhagat and Jaidev Shroff

In April, Bhagat was restrained from entering the home by the Bandra family court. She has filed a divorce case against Shroff, who is the director of United Phosphorous Limited, a Rs 2,000-crore company. She had approached HC challenging the same order yesterday. Poonam has been demanding to stay in the 7,000 sq ft house in Pali Hill, citing that Jaidev hardly stays in India. But Jaidev claims that he had already given her a flat in Summer Palace, as his company owns the Pali Hill house.

Justice RP Sondurbaldota granted Poonam access to Jaidev’s house after consent from his counsel Navroz Seervai, to pick up her valuables on Wednesday at 11 am, for three hours.

'Give us a list'
Initially, Seervai opposed it saying that Poonam could create problems in the house. He said she abuses servants and is also not on good terms with Tanya and Varun, Jaidev’s children from his first marriage. The judge asked them to find a way so that she could pick up her jewellery, passport and clothes. “You give us a list of the things you want to pick up from the house and then come,” said Seervai.

Replying to this, Poonam who was also present in the courtroom said, “Why should I give a list of all the material that will be picked up? It is kept in my room and my locker. Seervai said they don’t want any allegation of missing jewellery after she takes the ones that she wants. “So you either give us a list or give the justice a list,” said Seervai.

Finally, after the justice’s intervention, they agreed to take a middleman while removing the jewellery and valuables. HC has kept the matter for hearing on July 12 to see what conclusions the solicitors reach in terms of mutual separation.

Settle dispute
While Seervai first said there was no chance of them coming together, when the judge asked them to at least mutually agree to settle the dispute, Poonam’s counsel said Jaidev’s side should come up with an offer. The justice then finally asked them to hold a meeting on Tuesday evening.

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