Crack down on homes, spare the kids

Oct 05, 2012, 07:45 IST | A MiD DAY Correspondent

The shocking details related to allotment of children's homes in the state and plight of their inmates says a lot about the state's attitude towards the nation's youth.

The shocking details related to allotment of children’s homes in the state and plight of their inmates says a lot about the state’s attitude towards the nation’s youth. Going by the contents of the report filed by the State Commission For Protection of Child Rights, it’s evident that the homes were allotted in a haphazard manner and that the government officials and ministers concerned did not consider it necessary to check antecedents of the voluntary organisations seeking allotment, or scrutinise their applications.

The allotments were made in the years 2007 and 2008 and the file was approved by the office of the then CM. It is shocking that the proposals were not routed through the field offices. Also, the State conveniently forgot to check if such large numbers of homes were really needed in an area like Marathwada. The details show that some of the districts have more than 100 children’s homes, and the figure also raises a few questions about the large numbers of orphans or needy children in districts such as Latur, Nanded, Parbhani, Beed and Osmanabad.

The state has over 1,100 children’s homes and more than half of them exist in Marathwada alone, which, tellingly is home of two former chief ministers who ruled the state for close to 10 years since 1999. Shockingly, the allotment was done purely on the basis of political considerations, and the real needs of the children was the last priority. A local mafia engaged in the business runs 27 such homes.

C Chavan and his team cannot shirk its responsibility by passing the buck on to the Women and Child Development department. He cannot ignore facts and brusg them off with thes hollow excuse that he is not involved in them. If he wants us to repose even a modicum of faith in him, Mr Clean should clean up his government’s act.  

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