Create the movie of your life

Aug 22, 2013, 03:25 IST | Hassan M Kamal

1 Second Everyday is an amazing app that lets you chronicle your life by capturing one second of your life everyday

Make every day of your life memorable with 1 Second Everyday, an app that allows you to record one second of your life, everyday.

From a happy moment with your partner, at work, something you observed on the go, an ice cream you enjoyed, a hug, or a person you always want to remember; capture everday life in one second to create the movie of your life.

Created by Touch Lab Inc, the app combines these seconds to create a movie that could unveil your life in front of you when you look back at it years later.

You could create multiple timelines, for your kids, the food you eat, days at work, or clothes you wear, and save them all on Google Drive. It might be tough to shoot everyday; yet, it’s a fun app, if you like to chronicle your life or that of your loved ones into a memorable movie.

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