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Jan 06, 2015, 08:20 IST | Suprita Mitter

Goa is now home to Vaayu Vision Collective, a community of national and international visual artists and musicians who live in Goa, and are adding to its already-thriving art scene

For the flower power hippies of the 60s to today’s music and art junkies, Goa has always been a place that facilitates freedom of the soul. Those heading there might want to check out fascinating street art by Mumbai-based artist, Sachin Shetty (aka Drift). He is a part of Vaayu Vision Collective, a community of visual artists and musicians who live in Goa. The organisation’s aim is to create a collaborative support system for artists to develop, manifest and communicate their work and to nurture the visionary arts to provide a transformational experience in communities.

Artists at Vaayu Vision gallery
Artists at Vaayu Vision gallery

Vaayu and vision
Shetty’s works are inspired from his drifting around in the streets of Goa, observing life, soaking in inspiration, and leaving behind his trademark traces. The core of ‘Vision Collective’ is their international artist residency program. Artists from around the world apply to the program, which provides them with accommodation, studio space, utilities, and a network of artists, events and other showcasing opportunities.

Sachin Shetty with his art
Sachin Shetty with his art

The artists are nurtured to create a body of work for a solo exhibition at the Vaayu Gallery, in Goa, inspire others by making art in community spaces, give lectures and/or workshops about their art and be a part of community projects like cleaning of the beaches. “It is inspiring to be living with these artists, to see their dedication to their art, to see each artist develop their style and contribute to the cultural landscape of Goa,” shares Rahul Malaney, founder Vaayu Vision Collective.

Artwork by Krilly Moon Snail
Artwork by Krilly Moon Snail

Shetty, who had earlier worked in advertising, has had a strong presence in the Indian street art scene and is passionate about using street art to establish deeper connections with people. “I love street art as a form of expression because it’s open to everybody who uses the streets as a transition space,” he says.

Birth of an idea
The idea for his latest exhibition; Migrating Whales and Other Stories, was triggered by the casual observation that Goa, more than most other beach destinations, has a number of mothers, among its tourist population, either pregnant with child or with their new-born infants in tow.

Projection art by Drift
Projection art by Drift

“The natural birthing centre in Assagaon attracts a lot of expecting mothers from all over the world. Whales too migrate to warmer climate to give birth, that idea was fascinating,” he shares. The show brings together photo and video documentation of Drift’s murals as well as pen-and-ink drawings on fresh banana leaves and paper.

Through 2015, the space will be working with artists like US based painter and video artist Miles Toland, Indian artist, Harshvardhan Kadam, who will be creating murals, digital paintings, and other works for his show in mid-January. Krilly Moon Snail from Australia will create a colourful collection of visionary paintings for her show in early February.

Also on show will be New York artist Alexander Lyle, who will be creating a unique show, based around movement and sculptures in the estuary outside of Vaayu leading into the ocean, for his exhibition in March.

At: The Vision Collective Gallery, Ashwem-Mandrem Beach Road, Morjem, next to Sky Bar.
Till: January 15, 9 am to 7 pm
Call: 08554833885
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