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Feb 18, 2014, 11:39 IST | The GUIDE Team

The Company Theatre will inaugurate its workspace in Kamshet, 110 km from Mumbai, on March 1, with a sunset-to-sunrise festival that will celebrate theatre, dance and music 

Theatre group, The Company Theatre (TCT) that completed 21 years in 2014, has finally realised its long-standing dream — the creation of a laboratory dedicated entirely to performance art. Titled TCT Workspace and located in Kamshet, the place will be formally launched with an all-night event, the Kamshet Arts Festival, which will include theatre, dance and music.

Artistes can rehearse and create new stuff at different spaces

A staircase inside the workspace 
in Kamshet

The five-acre residency, set amidst the rustic and rugged landscape of the Western Ghats, is a contemporary performance research haven built to facilitate national/international artiste exchanges, training programmes and the creation of new work in theatre, dance or music. It provides artistes with uninhibited time and space to think, try new ideas, refine skills, share creative knowledge, and grow in vision and craft anew.
TCT Workspace is a crowd-funded artiste centre. It was created with the contributions from theatre artistes and theatre lovers from all over India and from the fine arts community of India. The space offers a work studio and artiste accommodations.

The open area near the workspace

A overview of the workspace from 
a distance

On March 1, 7 pm to 5 am
At Uksaan Village, Kamshet.
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The festival programme

> THEATRE: GDP’s Satyashodak, directed by Atul Pethe from Pune
> MUSIC: Kabirvani by Kaluram Bhamaniya, Madhya Pradesh
> DANCE: Odissi recital by Bijayini Satpathy of Nrityaram, Bengaluru
> MUSIC: Hindustani Vocal by Manjusha Kulkarni Patil

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