Criminals play dirty trick to steal Rs 6 lakh from 2 people

Mar 23, 2012, 08:17 IST | A Correspondent

Throw muck on victims' clothes without their knowledge, alert them to their appearance, offer to help and vanish with cash

Throw muck on victims' clothes without their knowledge, alert them to their appearance, offer to help and vanish with cash

Next time a passerby claims that someone has thrown dirt on your clothes, beware! Criminals are using this modus operandi to distract victims and then steal their valuables while they fumble around to verify the claim.

A gang of robbers have once again begun operating and the members even resort to throwing dirt on their victim's clothes to make it all the more easy to waylay their targets. In just three days, two separate cases have been reported wherein conmen have successfully got away with Rs 6 lakh in cash.

Carbon-copy cases
The victims who fell for the trick were employees of two different transport companies, both were robbed of Rs 3 lakh each and both incidents took place in the afternoon.

In the recent case, which was reported on Wednesday, unknown miscreants robbed Subhash Kaushik while he was returning to his office after withdrawing Rs 3 lakh from ICICI bank in Mohannagar.

A motorcycle-borne person approached him saying that someone had thrown dirt on his clothes.

When Kaushik halted at a roadside tea stall, the biker's accomplice approached and offered him a glass of water to clean his shirt. As Kaushik was cleaning his shirt, the unknown persons fled with his suitcase containing Rs 3 lakh.

A complaint has been registered at Mohannagar police Chowky under Chinchwad police station in this regard.
The victim's employer, Sonu Kaushik, expressed displeasure over progress in the investigation and said that considering this was a repeat incident, it seems like the police are unable to nab the gang, which has become active.

In the earlier case reported at Sahakarnagar police station on Monday, Balajinagar resident Santosh Darekar was robbed of Rs 3 lakh by unknown miscreants in exactly the same fashion. Investigative officers in both the cases are clueless about the criminal's identities and are blaming the victims for not sharing description of the suspects. Police Nayak H M Pathan of Chinchwad police said that they even accessed CCTV footage of the bank, but nothing suspicious was found.

"As the victim has been unable to provide a description of the suspects, there are difficulties in investigating the case. In both cases, the police booked unknown miscreants under Section 379 (theft) of the IPC," PSI A P Ide of the Sahakarnagar police station said.

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