Culinary class

Apr 09, 2012, 08:11 IST | The Special Team

I love cooking. Sometimes, I cook and eat healthy food but sometimes, I just decide to please my taste buds regardless the nutritive value.

Cooking to me is meditative. And so it shouldn’t be restricted to just women.

Whenever I hear people saying that cooking is only a woman’s job, I get irritated. We live in a time when men and women are considered as equals. So, why should we discriminate in the kitchen? I ask a lot of Indian men what they can cook and the most they come up with is egg omelette (laughs).

Cooking is an art and the more you pour your heart into it, the more fulfilling it is. It’s just all about cooking with all your love and feeding your loved ones. It would be the best way for a man to pamper his woman.

I also love travelling a lot. I like to go to different countries and try their local dishes. But my favourite cuisine would still be Indian and Japanese.  

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