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Jun 26, 2012, 08:21 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

Some of the nicest soirees we have been to recently have been hosted by publisher and cultural impresario Padmini Mirchandani and her friends adman and activist Gerson da Cunha, filmmaker Ayesha Sayani and co.

>> Some of the nicest soirees we have been to recently have been hosted by publisher and cultural impresario Padmini Mirchandani and her friends adman and activist Gerson da Cunha, filmmaker Ayesha Sayani and co. 

Which is why we are looking forward to attending a dinner preceded by a discussion this evening featuring banker, techno-geek and poet Jaithirt (Jerry) Rao and the Bangkok based writer CY Gopinath (how many of us grew up in awe of that iconic JS byline Pix by Teki, Text by CP’!) who are slated to debate the image India presents to the world.

The invitation says it's going to be ‘an evening of wine cheese and fireworks. Bouquets and brickbats extra’. We like!

Padmini Mirchandani and Jerry Rao

Gerson Da Cunha and CY Gopinath

Up market kebabs
>> It had to happen. For decades, the Bademiyan eatery behind the Taj had acquired the reputation of serving some of the best kebabs and tikkas in town. The city’s rich and famous were known to converge to its environs to partake of its mouth watering fare as they sat in parked cars and acquired some street cred.

Now, the famous eatery is operating from two swanky floors in a tony neighbourhood where its long time customers can order its reshmi tikkas, nalhi nihari and goat’s tongue soup in air-conditioned comfort. How tony? Well it can’t get much tonier than being across the road from the State Bank of India and India’s flagship Hermes Store. Birkins and Biryani any one?

Fun in the sun!
>> NO sooner had the city’s party-hearty lot returned from a wedding at a seaside nation abroad, than its younger scions have begun stuffing their Pradas and LV overnighters with sun tan lotion, thongs and other beach front paraphernalia for Bali to bring in the 40th birthday of a popular member of the community. “As it is there’s not much else happening in Mumbai,” moaned a clubber. With the economy being what it is, the monsoons and dear Inspector Dhoble, there’s no having fun in Mumbai any more.” Tch Tch.. The agonies and ecstasies of life in the metropolis.

A fallen angel?
>> Of all the communities in Mumbai, its doctors certainly enjoy a social cache that is right at the top as far as respect and influence go. Not only are Mumbai’s doctors some of the best in the country but many of the fraternity are also leading social figures. Which is why when doctors get involved in affairs of the heart that are not quite above board the repercussions on society are often seismic. A case in point is a hapless South Mumbai doctor who has unfortunately been known more for his relationships than his medical acumen. Ever since his name began appearing in the social pages his business is reported to have dropped alarmingly. “Thing is at its heart Mumbai is a conservative society and which man is going to feel comfortable with his wife or daughter consulting with a known philanderer,” a society wag told us. No use replying that doctors are human too and have hearts like the next person!

Alibaug Homes
>> There could be argument over who has the most beautiful home in Alibaug — between Yash and Avanti Birla’s Nowzer Wadia designed home, Gautam and Nawaz Singhania’s getaway and the Dubash mansion at Kihim its hard to choose. But for the title of the most hideous home there’s little contest.

Gautam and Nawaz Singhania

It belongs to a leading importer and retailer and looms large over a hill, its turrets visible from far and wide. It has a notoriety that matches its aesthetic quotient.

Yash and Avanti Birla

Apparently, it acquired a colourful reputation as the venue used by a high profile restaurateur, an industrialist, a late builder and a flamboyant racehorse owner to entertain important government contacts. What kind of entertaining? The kind you are required to do overnight and away from prying eyes we’re told.

Declaration of interest
>> If we have a bias, it’s towards poets and poetry. Much of the problems of the world would be solved if people read and wrote more poetry, we feel.

Sampurna Chatterjee and Shernaz Patel

And no there’s any way we can defend that statement, except by begging indulgence for poetic licence.

Kitaab Khana

Any way for lovers of elegant words, the launch of poet and academician Sampurna Chatterjee’s latest book Land of the Well is a happy date to mark in their diaries.

This Friday evening, at the wonderful Kitab khana, Shernaz Patel will be reading and Ranjit Hoskote will engage Chatterjee in a discussion. Reason enough to be there! 

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