This all-girl band is set to hit the city with their beats tonight

Jun 30, 2017, 17:01 IST | Wriddhaayan Bhattacharyya

Drummer Aarifah Rebello, who plays with three city bands, is making the rights ounds, while challenging stereotypes 

Aarifaha Rebello 

Caroline Corr (of The Corrs fame) is celebrated for singing and play of drums. Turns out, there's a Mumbaikar who can do the same. Meet Aarifah Rebello, a singer/songwriter, trying to beat stereotypes with her sticks. Ahead of a concert with her all-girl band, The Bassic, she discusses her relationship with the drums.

"When guys would spot me playing the drums at music festivals, they often come up and ask for my number," blushes Rebello.
The 24-year-old picked up the sticks after watching renowned drummer Gino Banks in action at a concert in 2009. "I told my father I wanted to learn drums and he got me enrolled with Rockschool, the International Rock Music Exam Board, where I was stood first in Maharashtra with Grade I," says Rebello, who studied till Grade V.

She agrees that the lady drummers' community is a small one and hence, most aren't acquainted with their work. "When people tell me that I am the first lady drummer they are watching, it's unfortunate because I know of many women who are into drumming. It is not a male-dominated instrument," she adds, alluding to Nicolette Gore and Naama Choonawala, who have been making the right sounds on Mumbai's music-scape.

Aarifah Rebello with her The Bassic
Aarifah Rebello with her The Bassic 

Rebello herself, plays with three bands -- Nookie Jar, Lawntuba and The Bassic. She is open to playing any genre, though she is reluctant towards Metal. "But, if someone asks me to play with a Metal band, I wouldn't mind giving it a shot. I have the power in my foot and the energy, but it is not my forte. But I respect drummers who are into Metal. They are technical and spot on."

The Bassic is a Pop/Rock act and their originals are mostly directed at the youth. "The song, Go, is about losing someone in a relationship. Tantrums is a boy-meets-girl story," says Rebello. Expect to hear these tonight, plus a few covers of Arctic Monkeys and Hey Violet.

On Tonight, 10 pm onwards
At Tuning Fork, Khar (W).
Call 9833358490
Entry R300

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