Cupid is being stupid: Neil

Jan 31, 2013, 08:35 IST | Shakti Shetty

Neil Nitin Mukesh on being unlucky in love and the disadvantages of being pale-skinned

He calls himself choosy. No wonder that Neil Nitin Mukesh had only two releases in the last two years. Coming from a family of singers, the actor also admits that he harbours singing ambitions. Currently upbeat about Bejoy Nambiar’s upcoming film, Neil says his best is yet to come. In a candid conversation, Neil shares his thoughts on love, family and career.

Neil Nitin Mukesh

Do you think you’re unlucky in love?
I’ll agree with you if you think so. Know what? I recently won at cards and they say that if you’re lucky in cards, you’re unlucky in love. Maybe Cupid is being stupid (laughs). But there’s no hurry. When love has to happen, it will happen.

And how do you deal with media speculation about your personal life?
Being in the industry, I’ve learnt that media can’t do without us and vice-versa. If a scribe’s house runs on speculation, what’s the problem? We are all just doing our job here and I don’t take things that seriously.

Would you call yourself the fairest actor in Bollywood?
Undoubtedly, I’m the fairest of all (laughs)! And I often ‘face’ serious problems when my co-stars feel uncomfortable sharing the screen (laughs again).

Who inspires you as an actor?
I gather a lot of inspiration from Dilip saab to Mr Bachchan to Dharamji to Vinod Khanna to Chintu uncle (Rishi Kapoor). The thing about these actors is each one of them had at least one larger-than-life X-factor about them. Unfortunately, today’s actors lack that kind of style.

Is it a conscious decision to be involved in the marketing of your film?
Some of the best films don’t click while some of the worst films do. But as an actor, I love being involved in every stage of the film. It’s not like I’m just supposed to show up at the sets, shoot for the day and go back home. If I sign up for a project, I look at it as an extended family. If a little bit push helps in selling the product, then why not?

And you’re working with new directors this year?
2013 is dedicated to all fresh talents. After Bejoy’s, there is Shantanu Ray Chhibber as well as Sheershak Anand’s directorial debut and then Susi Ganeshan’s first Hindi film followed by Prerna Wadhawan’s film. I love working with them because not very long ago, I was new to the industry and I had my share of struggling. I used to go out begging for work and nobody used to entertain me.

You’re once again playing a dark character in your next...
I always say that playing bad is good because these people I enact on screen are not me, and that fact is so liberating. Be it Parvez (Tera Kya Hoga Johnny) or Major Edwin Rodriques (7 Khoon Maaf) or Spider (Players) or even David, all are seemingly evil but you empathise with their helplessness. In real life, I’m like a child happy with his electronic gadgets!

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