Currey Road bridge to be shut till September

Mar 17, 2015, 21:24 IST | Delaveen Cherag Tarapore

The heavy duty construction activity planned for the second phase of the monorail corridor has necessitated temporary closure of the Currey Road ROB till September

There's some bad news for motorists using the Road Over Bridge (ROB) passing over Curry Road station, also known as Mahadev Palav Marg. With the bridge being completely closed for vehicular traffic for the construction of Jacob Circle Wadala monorail phase-2, people will have to take an alternate route till September.

Currey Road bridge
Roadblock ahead: The Currey Road bridge, also known as Mahadev Palav Marg, is expected to closed till September in order to allow the construction of the Mumbai monorail. Pic/Sameer Markande 

This also means that the traffic on the Chincpokli and Elphinstone ROB will increase leading to traffic jams during morning and evening peak hours. Since 8.30 pm on Monday night, the road that leads from Curry Road station towards Bharatmata junction has been closed on both sides since the pace of the monorail construction work has picked up. The road will be closed for four wheelers and three wheelers till September.

The road block has caused motorist to use diversions which has led to traffic jams near N.M. Joshi Marg. At present, Mahadev Palav Marg is an important road that connects the Lalbaug and Parel areas with N M Joshi Marg. With its closure, the present bad traffic scenario will only worsen, as motorists will have to take diversionary routes via Chinchpokli Bridge and Elphinstone ROB.

Though two wheelers are currently making the most of the slim space available and still plying on the Curry Road bridge, they too will reportedly be stopped in a day or two.

Motorist coming from Lower Parel station are forced to either make use of Chinchpokli or Elphinstone Road due to the diversion. However, the during peak hours the traffic load increases causing the commute to be stressing.

After the closure of this road motorists going towards Lower Parel station from Bharatmata junction will take more than 45 minutes as they will have to take the busy Elphistone ROB or the Chinchpokli Bridge.

The closure of this road will not only impact on motorists but rail commuters as well, who will have to walk from Bharatmata junction to Currey Road station as all public modes of transport like BEST buses and taxis will also have to take the alternate route.

MMRDA Joint Project Director (PR), Dilip Kawatkar, told mid-day, “We will try and finish the work by September 2015. However, at the moment bikers are passing through but the traffic police has confirmed that this too will be stopped.”

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