Curtain call

Mar 18, 2013, 08:53 IST | The Guide Team

As the weather gets warmer, The GUIDE gives you handy tips on how to select the best curtains for your home

One of the best ways to keep your house from turning into a furnace this summer is to invest in good curtains. While it may sound counter-intuitive, thick drapes are actually a good buy for summer as they keep the heat out by acting as insulators and maintaining the thermal balance. Along with that, it is essential that you shop for light colours such as cream or white. Colours that are dark like black and green absorb the heat.

Opt for cotton curtains in cream or white for summer 

If your house does not have adequate ventilation; then, reflective curtains are a good option as well. They keep the heat and light out, which prevents the house from overheating. These curtains have a reflective side, which reflects the light coming in from the window. Such curtains are effective in cooling homes and reducing the consumption of electricity.

Interior designer Jyoti Panse pointed out that bamboo and cotton curtains are best during summer as they help to keep the heat outside and also add to the decor. It's best to avoid using silk curtains in summer, she adds.

Due to its sheer density and thickness, cotton can work as an apt fabric for making curtains. Layered curtains can effectively reduce the heat gain by 15%. Thick layering can be conveniently pulled back when you want to enjoy the summer breeze and you are left with a lighter drape that also decorates your room. If you find cotton boring, then velvet can also work as an option for the double drapes.

Bamboo curtains ensure the heat doesn’t penetrate inside the home 

Whether you live in a bungalow or a condo, for large windows, awnings are a good option. Installing them on the north, east and west windows will help block out the morning and afternoon rays. As they block out most of the bright sunrays, they leave you with a cool shady window. If an office room is your setting, then blinds do the best job of keeping the sunlight out. They also furnish the office with a stylish, sophisticated look.

Whatever the scenario, summer in Pune can become unbearably hot. So, choose your curtains wisely and reduce electricity and energy costs. Window treatments not only keep the sunlight and the heat out but also contribute to the décor of the house. 

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