Curve the ball in FIFA 14

Published: 05 December, 2013 08:22 IST | Tarun Sharma |

FIFA13 is one of the top selling games, last year. With a midnight release and an unprecedented hype, it's time to find out if FIFA 14 lives up to its name

There’s no denying that FIFA games have always had a fan following that verges on fanaticism. So, when it comes to FIFA 14, we were sure as hell, excited. Getting the obvious out of the way, the graphics are far better than any of its previous versions. FIFA 13 has had many rewards, which definitely lasted many a games throughout last year for gamers. Plus, the first touch control of the previous version is the closest one can get to the real game, we think. This time then, what more can FIFA introduce was our question. 

What’s new?
There are plenty of new features thrown in: pure shot, real ball physics, enhanced global player scouting, precision movement, co-op season mode, protecting the ball and improved teammate intelligence. As one switches on the game, one is immediately greeted with an interface that bears similarity to the slick Windows 8. It looks cleaner but for a regular FIFA user, disorientation can be one of the outcomes. Think, one window having multiple options and sub options (what’s all that about!).

In FIFA 14, the ball physics really work well.

Shaking the mess out of our minds, we proceed to the match day to figure how the ball rolls. As far as the game play was concerned — the ball physics really work well, a definite point of happiness for those who can mark the subtleties in every year’s version. The goals are hard to come by which I agree with as the Artificial Intelligence is improved. Yet when you score a goal, the feeling is unprecedented and a real trophy to achieve! Up until FIFA 13 goal-scoring was relatively easier (we could score 8 goals on world class mode!) but in FIFA 14 it’s a definite challenge as you have to position yourself and take a good shot to score and then when you do and curving it is a real task. Having said that, we feel the precision movement of the players was a bit jerky; it’s not as smooth as its predecessors and also not too friendly for people who want to play a fast and goal-scoring game.

Goal-scoring is a rewarding challenge when it comes to this year's version

The teammate intelligence is improved as per FIFA but we must say now our teammates think way too much than they were supposed to. This can be a downer as they position themselves regardless of the game play one plans. This part ruptures the team dynamics one tries to devise as opposed to the smoothness one had in the previous versions. Career mode is more comprehensive; thanks, to the new scouting system, no more does your search say that Messi is 94, to find that out you need to scout him further. Online Co-op match day is now a season mode (Yes!!!), you can play 2 vs. 2 now! All in all, it’s a great game for hardcore fans and needs a bit of improvement for general players. One wistfully fancies freer flowing FIFA, next year.


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