Cyrus Broacha and Kunal Vijayakar's new show will leave you in splits

Sep 13, 2017, 14:28 IST | Shraddha Uchil

Comic duo Cyrus Broacha and Kunal Vijayakar have a new show that stars the former's daughter and promises to have you in splits

Cyrus Broacha and Kunal Vijayakar have been friends for a long time — from the start of the 1990s, to be exact. And over the last two decades or so, they have proven that some partnerships are meant to last. From creating satirical shows for TV to bringing the funnies to a live audience, the duo is now back with a new show, titled How I Met Your Father. Directed by Raell Padamsee, it also stars actor Gopal Dutt and Broacha's 10-year-old daughter, Maya. We meet the duo before a rehearsal at a Bandra venue. Excerpts from the interview:

Shraddha: What's the story behind the title?
Cyrus: You see, Kunal and I have known each other since 1991. And as two heterosexual males, we spend far too much time with each other for it to be considered normal. Obviously, questions have been asked. You'll even find him at my kids' school functions more often than my wife. Maya has even been introducing us as her dads.
Kunal: She's been watching too much Modern Family.
I think she wants gay dads.
Cyrus: And yet again, I've disappointed her.
Kunal: Coming back to the topic, a lot of people ask us all the time how we met. That's how we came up with the title. And it made perfect sense to include Maya in it, especially since she's interested in acting. She comes on in the beginning, where she raises the question of how I met her father. And that leads to various situations and set-ups.
Cyrus: I would have used my son happily, but he's charging money (laughs).

Broacha and Vijayakar; (top) with Gopal Dutt. Pics/Shadab Khan
Broacha and Vijayakar; (top) with Gopal Dutt. Pics/Shadab Khan

Shraddha: What can the audience expect at the show?
Kunal: The posters of me dressed as a woman, standing next to Cyrus, imply that this is a sex comedy.
Cyrus: My worry is that the LGBT community will come for the opening show and be very disappointed.
Kunal: In all honesty, though, there's a lot of stand-up and audience interaction that Cyrus does. Then, there is sketch comedy, which Gopal and I are doing. So, at the end of it, it's three people with varied sensibilities coming together.
Cyrus: You're boring us with your big words. But yes, we've got interesting things happening. We'll have fun.
Kunal: And as some great person said, 'If you have fun, the audience will have fun with you.'
Cyrus: No great person said that. I told you that while peeing.
Kunal: I just called you a great person!
Cyrus: When your photographer arrives, ask him to do a shoot with Kunal outdoors. He hates the sun. He wants AC everything — AC car, AC house, and AC theatre, also.
Kunal: I'm 52 years old. I've worked for most of my life. I think I deserve it.
Cyrus: What have you done in your life? I should tell them what a lazy writer you are. Kunal steals from himself. Today, he wanted to reuse a script from two years ago.
Kunal: That's okay, right?
Cyrus: No, that's still plagiarism, even if you're plagiarising from yourself.

Shraddha: Don't you tire of each other?
Cyrus: Give me any other person — no, wait— give me a plant as a friend and I'll take it today. Have you had a pimple that doesn't go away? He's that pimple.
Kunal: At least a pimple is small. Cyrus is like a rash. A very itchy one.

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