Cyrus Sahukar will dare 5 stand-up comics to do unusual tasks in new show

Jan 22, 2016, 08:04 IST | Dhara Vora

A new television show will see actor-host Cyrus Sahukar egg contestants to do the bizarre

Television shows such as Bakra, Punk'd, Impractical Jokers and the most recent one, Repeat After Me, have popularised the genre of prank comedy. Mixing things up with an addition of a competition is a new TV show that will see actor and host, Cyrus Sahukar make five stand-up comedians do interesting public tasks. The contestants are Deep Chhabria, Naveen Richard, Utsav Chakraborty, Cyril D'Abs and Dhruv Deshpande. Each episode will see them try and complete a task and the one with the maximum points wins.

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Cyrus Sahukar and the contestants
Cyrus Sahukar and the contestants

Q. What got you interested in Challenge Accepted?
A. The fact that I could tell people what to do and make them listen to me as it is the opposite in reality (laughs). But the concept is fun. It is also like a social experiment that will see how people react in different situations, as sometimes you expect a particular reaction but get something very different.

Cyrus Sahukar
Cyrus Sahukar

Q. In what way did you try and make it different from international dare-based shows?
A. It is a combination of different shows. Also, here we have five comedians who are not friends and the person giving them a dare is just myself, and not a group. We will also have a celebrity dare, which when completed will give the contestants 75 points. It will be the most stressful one. Guests include Mini Mathur, Cyrus Broacha, Luke Kenny and Ashwin Mushran.

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Q. Tell us some of the bizarre tasks given by you?
A. I give the contestants tasks via a small microphone in their ear. So, I would have to hide close-by. I have hidden behind a gas stove, in a small dabba and even in the godown of a dental clinic surrounded by dentures. For one of the tasks, the contestant had to convince public that he is a colour co-ordinator of the mall. So, he made people get up from their seats and asked them to sit with people who were dressed in the same colour. One man gave him an inspirational speech, saying, "Beta, nobody is listening to you today but the world will listen to you tomorrow!" Public reactions are great to watch. Another difficult task was to go on stage at Canvas Laugh Club for a stand-up routine and make nobody laugh; it was the worst stand-up routine ever! Then we have one where the contestant had to approach people inside a grocery store and tell them that he is a physiotherapist and make them do strange dance moves. One of the contestants, Cyril D'Abs had to ask senior citizens to let him send a text from their phones. Sixteen people refused him! We still don't know why.

Challenge Accepted will premiere on January 30, 8.30 pm on Comedy Central

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