Dabholkar's death a big loss for progressive movement: Dr Shreeram Lagoo

Aug 21, 2013, 08:05 IST | Niranjan Medhekar

Actors and filmakers condemn the gruesome murder of activist Narendra Dabholkar

It is a big loss for the progressive movement. Dabholkar did not care if the state recognised his work or not. If people like Dabholkar are dying like this, then what is the point in living?
-- Dr Shreeram Lagoo, actor

Shreeram Lagoo
In despair: Veteran actor Shreeram Lagoo outside SM Joshi Hall in Navi Peth after attending a condolence meet for Dabholkar. Pic/Sachin Thakare

The anti-superstition bill is pending since several years. But, the state government just doesn’t have the guts to introduce this new Act. Cowards who didn’t have the courage to fight Dabholkar’s thoughts through reason assassinated him.
-- Vidya Bal, feminist and social activist

I feel like I lost my father today. After making the film Deool, I received many threats. At that time I realised how fearless Dabholkar was.
-- Girish Kulkarni, actor and filmmaker

Since last year, Dabholkar and I met frequently. He had a desire to make a film that would propagate scientific approach among school children. He was not against any faith and it can be even said that he was not even against superstitions. He abhorred the exploitation.
-- Suneel Sukthankar, filmmaker

Dabholkar’s assassins terminated his thoughts with bullets. Those who don’t have courage to contend with intellect take such extreme steps.
-- Atul Pethe, theatre personality

We have to protest against such heinous acts. The message should be clear that we are intolerant about intolerance.
-- Makarand Sathe, playwright

We call Maharashtra a progressive state. But where is the progressiveness? When all religions proclaim messages of peace, why can’t fundamentalists experience it?
-- Jyoti Subhash, actress

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