7 dacoits attack cops with choppers in face-off

May 14, 2012, 19:15 IST | Shiva Devnath

A team of Dahisar cops intercepted a gang of robbers, who retaliated violently; cops returned by opening fire, and arrested six members, while one is on the run

In an action-packed confrontation between the warring worlds of crime and law enforcement, two constables attached to the Dahisar police were injured by a gang of robbers during a face-off in Virar. The Sabalgarh gang, six members of which were nabbed after the showdown yesterday, had its roots in the tribal belt of Madhya Pradesh. They have several cases of house break-ins pending against them in Virar, Dahisar and Bhiqandi.

Nabbed: Vicky Singh, who was injured in the encounter with the cops, was admitted to Sanjeevani Hospital. Pic/Nimesh Dave

In Virar, the gang member used a pork business as the front for their syndicate. Last morning, an informant gave Dahisar cops a tip-off that members of the gang were about to loot houses located in Amit Society in Virar, and were on their way to the spot in a tempo. A team was immediately dispatched to nab them. Sunil Deshmukh, assistant commissioner of police (Dahisar) revealed that upon reaching the area, the cops spotted the tempo. The miscreants, spotting the approaching police van, began speeding, but were intercepted nonetheless. 


The cops then proceeded towards the tempo to search it, but as soon as they tried to open the vehicle’s door, the gang members attacked two members of the police team — constables Shivram Bangar (36) and Dilip Varhadi (33) — with choppers and rods. “Varhadi immediately unsheathed his revolver and fired a round, which hit the leg of one of the accused, Vicky Singh,” said Deshmukh.

Bangar and Varhadi have sustained injuries on their hands and shoulders. After the face-off, the gang members started fleeing, but the cops managed to nab six of them — Vicky Singh, Amarsingh Tak, Singru Singh Tak, Raju Singh Tak, Mangal Tak and Andasingh Chikalkar. One of the members managed to flee.

Cops seized the tempo and recovered two choppers, iron rods and weapons used for housebreaking. All the six members have been booked under several sections of the IPC — charges include attempt to murder, and assault on public servants.The constables and the injured dacoit have been admitted to Sanjeevani Hospital in Virar. Virar police officers said that the entire episode transpired at such great speed that the Dahisar police team couldn’t even inform them about the tip-off.

“had we been informed earlier, we could have helped the police team,” said SP Rajesh Kumar Mor from Virar police station. The gang was earlier led by Nada Singh Tak, who was killed by his wife in January, when he became a police informant. The gang members always wore turbans. 

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