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Apr 27, 2012, 07:13 IST | Dhara Vora

Dessert house Sugadaddy gives sugar addicts in the city a host of heady, saccharine options to choose from

Aside from the fact that there is another addition to the large number of places that sell frozen yoghurts in the city, what made us rush to Sugadaddy was its name. Hip-Hop hangover? Sugar rush? We had to taste and tell. When we quizzed proprietor, Gayatri Lalwani about the choice of name she said that the place serves all kinds of desserts, and not just yoghurts. “There’s a lot of sugar here,” she reasons. We believe her.

The Blueberry Yogurt proves a refreshing start to our evening at Sugadaddy

Continuing with the theme, Sugadaddy’s menu has two sections: Naughty and Nice-Nice. Clearly, the ball was in the unsuspecting customer’s court — eat healthy yoghurts and fruit toppings or go berserk with diet-wrecking options. The store’s interiors were done up in bright pink and gold, with pink fans and cushions that sported words like ‘Let me be your Sugadaddy’. The gold slab-covered air conditioners took candy- floss-cool to another level. A lone table outside and seating inside completed the split-level seating arrangements.

The interiors are done up in pink and gold Pics/ bipin kokate

We decided to play ‘Nice’ to start off proceedings. They had ran out of Coconut Yoghurt the day we visited, so we ordered Blueberry and Chocolate Yoghurt (Rs 30/ small serve). The blueberry with fresh mango topping was delicious and it acted as an instant refresher after the long walk on that balmy evening, from Charni Road station.

We suggest you opt for the fresh fruit toppings, instead of the chocolate chips, as the chips taste ‘plasticky’, just as they do at most of the places they are served at. The Chocolate Yogurt brought immediate cheer, but was creamier and close to tasting like an ice-cream. Next, we ordered the Berry Blast Smoothie and, on our attendant’s suggestion, the Ferrero Rocher Milkshake (Rs 150). They also serve Oreo, Snickers, Bounty and Peanut Butter shakes.

Both our drinks arrived quickly. The Berry Blast, a mix of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, banana, apple juice and frozen yoghurt was successful in blasting us with its berries. Typically, one would have expected that the flavour of banana would have been drowned by the several berry additions, but we could taste every fruit (except the apple) in our drink.
The highlight of our dessert tour was the Rocher Shake. More of a thick shake, it value-for-money. It tasted as if we were savouring a liquefied and tastier version of the famous chocolate brand, with pieces of hazelnuts for us to relish. We would have, however, loved to have opted for seconds, but the shake left us happy and our tummies full.

Our last order was the Volcano
(Rs 140). This is a serving of their chocolate cake with a liquid filling, heated and cut so that a vanilla softy floats in the chocolate. It was unfair that we were full as this deserved to be wiped off in a minute. Except for the vanilla softy that tasted a tad like milk powder. But the bursting chocolate cake was worth breaking an annual diet for.


Watch out!
We witnessed a funny incident during our visit. Sugadaddy has an LCD that shows CCTV camera images of the place (including the kitchen). This didn’t make us uncomfortable until we were caught a glimpse of  an attendant getting ready for his evening shift! Careful, now!

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