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Published: Nov 12, 2013, 07:34 IST | Malavika Sangghvi |

"It was the second time that I was on a date with my dad," says the exuberant Sunaina Roshan, about her dinner this weekend with her father, Rakesh, producer of the mega-hit Krrish 3

>> “It was the second time that I was on a date with my dad,” says the exuberant Sunaina Roshan, about her dinner this weekend with her father, Rakesh, producer of the mega-hit Krrish 3. “The first was on Father’s Day,” says the lady who has been billed as co-producer of the film.

“All my life, I’ve been in awe of my father,” she says. “And so this Saturday, when he said he was celebrating the success of Krrish by taking me out for dinner, I was thrilled and nervous. ‘Just you and me,’ he said, ‘to thank you for all the love, and everything you’ve done for me over the years, especially my daily hugs’,” she narrates.

Sunaina with dad Rakesh Roshan

“We went to the Aurola at the Marriott and sure, we celebrated! I had a glass of champagne and my dad had his usual whiskey with our dinner.”

Besides being co-producer of the film, Sunaina also worked as one of its ADs, one of the most arduous jobs in films and one she did rolling up her sleeves and expecting no special treatment. “Dad, who’s been through so many ups and downs, has brought us up very grounded and with a huge work ethic,” she says.

And what now? “A trip to Ananda Spa,” says the lady who, having triumphed over the double whammy of cancer and a bad marriage, appears to have her head firmly on her shoulders.

“Track pants, flip flops and lots of long walks is what I’m looking forward to,” she says. Nice!

The lady tells all
>> We like the way Suchitra Krishnamoorthi has refused to be pigeonholed into the silos that creative artists are restricted to in this country. From being a singer to an artist, to a candlemaker (this is beginning to sound like a child’s nursery rhyme) to the author of a soon-to-be released book, the feisty lady allows no grass to grow under her feet.

Suchitra Krishnamoorthi

And from someone who’s read the book, we learn that it’s a classic no hold’s barred, bare-all, tell-all. So, will readers be given a peek into Krishnamoorthi pet peeve, the alleged affair between her erstwhile husband director Shekar Kapur and a certain perky actress? Watch this space, as they say in the business.

Nailing it
>> How do I love thee, let me count the ways… Word comes in about the lengths that members of the upper crust traverse to please each other and make a favourable impression on special occasions. The latest instance is of an exclusive nail polish created on the occasion of a dear friend’s birthday ‘to reflect the sands of Jodhpur’. As imaginative gifts go, we think this one must have ‘nailed it’.

An officer and a gentleman
>> Amidst Prince Charles’ more high-profile engagements during his Mumbai visit was one that surely must rank as his most meaningful: attending the Memorial Day remembrances on Sunday at Afghan Church in the company of World War veterans.

Prince Charles and Camilla at Afghan Church attending the Memorial Day remembrances

We spoke to swashbuckling Brig Furdoon SB Mehta (Retd) about the occasion. “I spoke for eight minutes on the subject of moral courage,” says the distinguished army man who was commissioned in the Indian Artillery on April 3 1940, where he served with distinction in Field and Anti-Tank regiments, and was the first Indian artillery officer to serve in the Air OP Squadron RAF.

Brigadier Mehta had other equally illustrious achievements down the line too. “I passed the Staff College at Quetta, followed by the Long Gunnery Staff Course at Larkhill, Salisbury Plain, commanded a Parafield regiment at the age of 27, was the Commandant of the School of Artillery, amongst other things,” he says “And finally appointed Military & Naval Attaché at the Indian Embassy in Washington DC during the ambassadorship of B K Nehru, my last posting.”

Retd Brigadier Furdoon SB Mehta

As for the Memorial Day function, he says, “It’s always held around the November 11 on the nearest Sunday to mark the occasion of the armistice in 1918,” he says. “This year was extra special because of the presence of the Prince.” “The Prince congratulated me and told me how much he liked my speech,” says the Brigadier.

Salaam Mumbai: A tale of two cities
Can anything get sillier than Mumbai’s silly season? The launch of vintage champagnes, single malts and bespoke handbags; the hosting of book launches, lit fests, art shows and poetry readings; the visits of famous celebrities, passing potentates, legendary Hollywood stars and international jet-setters.

Where will it end? And more pertinently, when? Because increasingly, it appears that there are two distinct cities that are careening out of control, and away from each other: the city of potholes and gang rapes, water shortages and endless queues. And the city where the sun never sets and the bubbly never ends...

The cities of Bombay and Mumbai. Twin brothers separated at birth, locked in a fight to the finish in a wrestling match .

And I, who along with others, stand uneasily at the juncture of these two, wonder where it will all end and how.

Mumbai and Bombay, twin brothers joined at the hip, pulling away from each other in a futile struggle.  

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