Dahi Handi celebrations: 'Govinda' from Dadar dies of cardiac arrest

Sep 07, 2015, 20:28 IST | Sadaguru Pandit

A 41-year-old Dadar resident has become the second casualty of the Dahi Handi celebrations in Mumbai

Sadaguru Pandit

A 41-year-old Dadar resident has become the second casualty of the Dahi Handi celebrations in Mumbai. Satyavan Sawant, a marble factory worker from Churchgate, succumbed to heart attack after taking part of the Dahi Handi celebrations.

His younger brother rushed Sawant to Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) Hospital in Parel after he came back in the middle of the celebrations and complained of chest pain. However, within moments of admitting him to the hospital, the doctors pronounced him dead. The doctors confirmed that the patient had died of acute cardiac arrest.

Sawant, who was part of Vijay Hind Vyayam Shala, had been an active member of the group since it started participating in Dahi Handi celebrations eight years ago. The Vijay Hind Vyayam Shala is 83-year-old and Sawant was anm active member, taking part in all cultural activities.

“He was very active and loved to be a part of the group. From past five years, we have been ensuring that the height of our human pyramid isn’t dangerous so that nobody gets hurt while enjoying the cultural aspect of the sport. Satyavan always supported the idea,” said his brother who lived along with him in Naigaon vicinity.

Yesterday Satyavan, who had left home in the morning, came back in the afternoon. While he didn’t discuss the reason for his early return, he went straight to bed and slept for two hours before the pain in his chest turned severe. While he told his brother about the pain, he was immediately rushed to the hospital. Though the doctors started trteating him in the emergency ward, within moments, he suffered a severe heart attack and was pronounced dead by the doctors.

“We paid a heavy price for not getting him medication on time. He didn’t say anything and decided to sleep. He had no history of heart disease or at least none of the doctors ever said so. It was very shocking,” added Sharad.

This year, a total of 131 individuals from different parts of the town were rushed to the hospitals after sustaining injuries during the Dahi Handi celebration. While the doctors treated more than 90% of the patients on OPD basis, only 12 who needed further medical assistance and had trauma injuries were admitted in Sion, Nair, KEM and other civic as well as private hospitals.

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