Dahi Handi over, but banners still around

Aug 16, 2012, 07:10 IST | Sujit Mahamulkar

It's been six days since gokulashtami, but BMC is yet to remove any of the banners that were put up to advertise the religious festivities

Gokulashtami has come and gone, but left its traces in the city in the form of rain-soaked, washed out banners that were put up to advertise dahi handi celebrations at nooks and corners across the city.


On August 14, the civic body claimed to have removed 468 hoardings for dahi handi, most of which were put by different political parties.

Santacruz (E)

“Though most of them were put up without permission, the BMC is not able to take action against anyone. “The religious sentiments of people are involved, so we cannot come down too hard on them in this case,” said an officer from the BMC licence department, on the condition of anonymity.


Areas like Dadar, Dharavi, Girgaon, Kalbadevi, Worli, Kurla are still dotted with these banners.


SP Bande, BMC’s licence superintendent, said that removal of posters and banners is an ongoing process. “I will instruct our employees to remove all dahi handi posters and banners in a day or two.”

According to a recent circular, letters requesting for permission to put up banners should mention the specific time period for which the banner will be displayed.

They are to be removed within two days of the event that they advertise. The circular identified spots that cannot be defaced with banners of any kind — including roads measuring 60 ft and beyond; crossroads, traffic junctions, water storage tanks, public toilets, trees, electric poles, an area of 25 metres around traffic islands, railway stations, bus stops, flyovers, gardens and religious places. 

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