Dance bar: Govt may not opt for review

Aug 02, 2013, 00:49 IST | Ravikiran Deshmukh

Dance bar owners in Mumbai are one up against the governemt as the Democratic Front may not file a review petition in the Supreme Court against the opening of dance bars

According to sources, the government had been informed that there is no possibility of a favourable decision on the review petition, as the apex court has already ruled against the state’s decision to amend the Bombay Police Act under which dance bars were banned in Mumbai leaving many dance bar owners and dancers unemployed.

However, the government will put in place some stringent rules to be followed when dance bars finally open in order to curb unlawful activities. The government may also delete certain provision made in the Bombay Entertainment Duty Act, which was used to levy entertainment duty on such activities.

As reported earlier by this newspaper, there is no specific definition for dance bars in any rule or act, except the Entertainment Duty Act, which was used as one of the defences by the dance bar owners during the legal proceedings.

An official said that the Bombay Police Act, Shops and Establishment Act or rules of the state excise department do not elaborate on dance bars but only about licences required to operate them.

The government may also separate “dance” and “bar” for future references and provide for more clarity while laying down rules and regulations to be followed. Sources also said that there is a possibility that hefty fees will be levied on places where performance activities will be carried out. 

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