Dance like the audience is watching

Apr 29, 2012, 10:47 IST | Phorum Dalal

Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts is celebrating International Dance Day with Ahsas '12, which will see performers such as UK-based Aakash Odedra and artiste David Poznanter from the US

As soon as last year’s performance wrapped up last year, Sumeet Nagdev of Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts began preparing for this year’s performance. Today, is the second day of his two-day festival, which will see performances by UK-based Aakash Odedra (In The Shadow of Man), which has been choreographed by Akram Khan (UK), Sumeet Nagdev (Resonate), US-based David Poznanter (Tete En Bas & From the Window).

David Poznanter from the US will perform at Ahsas today

Bhoomika Creative Dance Centre will perform on a Sufi song, while performers from Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts will stage Sufi Parwane.

“All artistes and productions who will perform today are different from each other in approach, but yet one thing is strongly common is that they are all daredevils in creativity. I want to make this festival Mumbai’s answer to bringing international artistes on one platform and truly celebrating world dance day at its best every year,” says Nagdev.

We wish him good luck.
At: 7-9 pm, April 29, St Andrews Auditorium, Bandra
Entry is free  

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