Dance your way to creativity

Aug 04, 2014, 08:08 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Sign up for a dance therapy workshop which will combine mirroring exercises, dancing with props, moving through space and improvisation to enhance self-image and creativity

If you are keen on dance, sign up for the dance therapy workshop that will be held in the city. It will be a blend of dance, role play and visual art exercises to explore body image and emotions.

A dance therapy session in progress
(Above and below) A dance therapy session in progress

The session will consist of warm-ups, mirroring exercises, dancing with props, moving through space, trust exercises, improvisation, body rhythms and hand gestures, which are therapeutic as well as fun.

The workshop will be conducted by Anubha Doshi, instructor and certificated dance therapist.

Doshi states that dancing in a group will help participants gain self-esteem and confidence, while sharing thoughts, ideas and stories through one’s bodies. It also helps you to be more creative and imaginative while being sensitive to each other’s movement cues and language.

A dance therapy session in progress

“The dance movements help in relieving stress that you face in daily life. It can act as a treatment for a lot of small problems in life," she adds.

Doshi is a graduate in English Literature and Psychology and holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication and Clinical Psychology.

Her interest in healing and therapy led her to seek learning in arts-based therapies as well as Buddhist psychology. She has undergone dance therapy training under Tripura Kashyap and has been an avid dancer and learner since a young age.

On: August 8, 10.30 am to 12 pm
At:  Artsphere, 402, North Court Building, North Avenue Road, Kalyani Nagar.
Call: 9561720001
Email: artsphere.pune

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